Originally shown as multiple small pieces displayed together for an installation at the Good Mourning Festival (Toronto 2023), the work has found its way into its final formation entitled Chromatica. The sculpture is created with rocks from Toronto's shoreline that have not been altered or coloured in any way. The formation and colouration of these rocks result from a unique part of this land's history.

Sometime in the late 1950's the Toronto Harbour Commission initiated a project to use the city's Development Industry by-products (building demolition) to build out the land and create a commercial use port, an idea that never fully realized. Now known as the Leslie Street Spit, the land re-wilded into a significant ecological zone, colourfully scattered with our past. 

The sculpture Chromatica is displayed on the floor.
The composition is intentional yet ambiguous and bears resemblance to a rug, a map, a blueprint, or even a landscape. As usual, the artist leaves space for multiple interpretations.

This is a collective experience.